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Please enjoy at least 6 months of sermons online. For older messages, please contact the church office for a CD/DVD.

2/10/2019 AM, “Demands for Discipleship,” Luke 9:57-62,   with Dr. Billy Dickerson

12/30/2018 PM Service, Jordan Rogers

12/16/2018 PM Service, “Hope for the Ages” Christmas Musical

9/30/2018 AM, “WARNING: False Religion Is Hazardous!” Revelation 17,   with Dr. Billy Dickerson

9/23/2018 AM, 145th Anniversary Worship  with Rev. Danny Parton

9/23/2018 AM, 145th Anniversary Retrospective with various pastors.

8/29/2018 PM, Wednesday Revival Service  with Rev. Chad Campbell

8/26/2018 AM, Morning Revival Service  with Rev. Chad Campbell

8/26/2018 PM, Evening Revival Service  with Rev. Chad Campbell

8/19/2018 AM,Revival at Mount Carmel,” I Kings 18:17-40  Dr. Billy Dickerson

7/8/2018 AM, “The Root of the Problem,” Ephesians 2 Rev. Tim Moon

6/24/2018 AM,DANGER AHEAD! Revelation 15:1-8,  Dr. Billy Dickerson

 (Audio Only) 5/20/2018 AM, “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing,” Revelation 13:11-18 ,  Dr. Billy Dickerson

(Audio Only) 5/13/2018 AM, “What Every Child Needs,” I Samuel 1:8 – 2:1 ,  Dr. Billy Dickerson

(Audio Only) 5/6/2018 AM, “The Anti-Christ,” Revelation 13:1-10,  Dr. Billy Dickerson

(Audio Only) 4/29/2018 AM, “War in Heaven,” Revelation 12:7-12,  Dr. Billy Dickerson

(Audio Only) 4/22/2018 AM, “The War of the Ages,” Revelation 12,  Dr. Billy Dickerson

(Audio Only) 4/8/2018 AM, “Hell’s Heyday!” Revelation 9:13-21,  Dr. Billy Dickerson

(Audio Only) 4/1/2018 AM, “Son Rise!” Matthew 27:57-ff,  Dr. Billy Dickerson

(Audio Only) 3/25/2018 AM, “Hard Hearts,” Revelation 8-9,  Dr. Billy Dickerson

(Audio Only) 3/18/2018 AM, “Be the Church,” Isaiah 55:8-11,  Rev. Tim Moon

(Audio Only) 3/4/2018 AM, “Fishers of Men,” Matthew 4:20, Rev. Mike Baker

(Audio Only) 2/25/2018 AM, “The Wrath of the Lamb,” Revelation 6:12-17 , Dr. Billy Dickerson

(Audio Only) 2/18/2018 AM, “Tribulation Saints,” Revelation 6:9-11 , Dr. Billy Dickerson

(Audio Only) 2/11/2018 AM,  “Approaching Horses on the Horizon,” Revelation 6 , Dr. Billy Dickerson

(Audio Only) 2/4/2018 AM,  “Worthy is The Lamb,” Revelation 5 , Dr. Billy Dickerson

01/28/2018 AM,  “A Glimpse of Glory,” Revelation 4, Dr. Billy Dickerson

01/21/2018 AM,  “The Rapture,” 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18, Dr. Billy Dickerson

01/14/2018 AM,  “Overcomers!” Revelation 2-3, Dr. Billy Dickerson

01/07/2018 AM,  “Christians Who Nauseate Christ,” Revelation 3:14-22 , Dr. Billy Dickerson

12/31/2017 AM,  “Wisemen: The Worshipers of Christmas,” Rev. Tim Moon

12/24/2017 AM,  “WHAT CHILD IS THIS?” Isaiah 9:2, 6-7, Dr. Billy Dickerson

12/17/2017 AM,  “Christmas is for Shepherds, Too” Luke 2:1-20, Dr. Billy Dickerson

(Audio Only, coming soon) 12/10/2017 AM,  “An Open Door,” Rev. 3:7-13, Dr. Billy Dickerson

12/3/2017 AM,  “The Frozen Chosen,” Revelation 3:1-6, Dr. Billy Dickerson

(Audio Only) 11/26/2017 AM,  “Courting with Compromise,” Revelation 2:12-17 , Dr. Billy Dickerson

11/19/2017 AM,  “Forged by Fire,” Revelation 2:8-11 , Dr. Billy Dickerson

11/12/2017 AM,  “First Love,” Revelation 2:1-7, Dr. Billy Dickerson

11/5/2017 AM,  North Greenville University Life Answers Team, with Dr. Alex McFarland

10/29/2017 AM,  “Heaven’s Feature Presentation,”Revelation 1:1-6, Dr. Billy Dickerson 

9/24/2017 AM, “Religious Roadblocks,” Matthew 7:15-20, Dr. Billy Dickerson 

9/10/2017 AM, “Ask, Seek and Knock,” Matthew 7:7-12, Dr. Billy Dickerson 

9/3/2017 AM, “The Critical Christian,” Matthew 7:1-6, Dr. Billy Dickerson 

8/27/2017 AM, “Winning the War Over Worry,” Matthew 6:25-34, Dr. Billy Dickerson 

8/20/2017 AM, “Where Is Your Treasure?” Matthew 6:19-24, Dr. Billy Dickerson 

8/13/2017 AM, “When God Calls His People to Fast,” Matthew 6:16-18 , Dr. Billy Dickerson 

8/6/2017 AM, “A Blueprint for Prayer,” Matthew 6:9-13 , Dr. Billy Dickerson 

(Audio Only) 7/23/2017 AM, “Which Ship Are You In?” Luke 5:1-11, Justin Driver 

7/16/2017 AM, “He’s a Different Kind of Father,” Luke 15 , Dr. Bob Lentz 

7/9/2017 AM, “A HERO TO MIMIC,” Acts 7:54 – 8:1 , Dr. Billy Blakley 

7/2/2017 AM, “A Call to Fall,” 2 Chron. 7:14